Recently, the intermediate division at my school went to a movie called Bully. It is a very powerful movie, and it changed some of my thoughts on bullying.  Originally, I had the idea that kids would stop after being told off, but they deny and lie flat out to teachers and vp’s and principals, as shown by a scene in the movie. And of course, the kids keep at it, with out a change, except maybe they are even more vicious then before. I find it hard to describe what exactly has changed on my thinking to due with bullying, but it also showed me true friendship. The best example in the movie was definitely Trey and Ty. Trey and Ty were bestfriends, until bullying tore them apart. They were joined at the hip, until, due to the constant torment from the kids at school, Ty committed suicide. If you watch the movie, you will see what I mean.

Challenge Six

Challenge Six

I am doing activity #2.

When I googled my name, nothing came up, until I added Orillia in the search box. Then, all the newspaper articles I have been in for swimming, and my letter to the editor came up. I have Facebook and nothing related to my Facebook came up in the search either, which I guess makes sense since I rarely use it. I was not able to find my email, my address or phone number any where. The only pics of me, were, once again, related to my swimming articles.

Challenge #5

Challenge 5

I think the hidden secret could a wilderness tribe living off the land in this wild Tasmanian Jungle. Maybe, if you wander far enough into the forest, you will start to find clues, that will lead you to the to the whereabouts of this obscure tribe. As you start getting closer, the tribe will send the kids to come and find you and take you to their home. The woman of the camp will cook you dinner and give you beds for the night. In the morning, they will point you in the right direction, give you some food and send you home.

Challenge 4

Challenge #4

Photo Credit: G Alarkon via Compfight cc


For Blog Challenge #4, we are supposed to make a post about our passions, then insert a photo about it, with proper creds. My latest passion is longboarding. Longboarding is a sport evolved from skateboarding, the main difference is size. The deck is longer, the wheels are bigger and all these changes make a significant difference. There are different styles of longboarding, such as cruising (getting from point A to point B), freestyle (closer to skateboard tricks) and freeride (high speeds, big hills and sliding). Can you guess what style I chose? If you guessed freeride, you’re correct.

Freeride longboarding involves high speeds and slides (when the wheels break forward traction). The type of board you ride has a large influence on the style of riding you do. For freeride, the boards usually ride lower to the ground, between 34-40 inches long and have special concave to lock your feet in for sliding and stability.

Sliding is when all 4 wheels break traction and are sliding against the pavement. There are many different variations of sliding, such as ones where your hands are on the ground or standing up.

This is a video that I think shows the freestyle and freeride styles quite well. Click here.

Why skiing is better then snowboarding

For the blog challenge

What is Better, Skiing or Snowboarding?

I, as an avid skier, just so happen to believe that I have an answer to one of the most fierce debates out there…What is better, skiing or snowboarding?

Three reasons why I believe that skiing is better than snowboarding are:

  1. You don’t have to stop, sit down and do up bindings and therefore you do not get a wet bum,
  2. You cannot catch an ‘edge’,
  3. You don’t have to undo your bindings to get across flat sections; you have poles to help to push you.

Have you ever noticed how often snowboarders are bending over or sitting down in the snow to strap themselves in? It is so pointless. With skiing, you glide effortlessly off the lift and down the run.

When it is time to get off the chairlift, a snowboarder must put one foot on the board and try to get off the lift without falling. Until you master it, you collide with everyone and everything and fall every which way!

And now that the one binding is undone, the boarder must sit on the snowy ground and do up his/her other binding. As you sit on the ground, the wet snow starts to seep through your pants and down your legs. You must also worry about not getting clipped by a skier who is angry at you for blocking their path. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that all a skier has to do, is stand up and point themselves towards the run of their choice.

Quite recently, my brother, who is a very experienced snowboarder, caught an edge when there was a small bump in the trail. The result? A broken collarbone.

25% of all snowboarding injuries are broken wrists. Why? Snowboarders often catch their front edge on a divot in the snow. As you fall, you instinctively stick out your hands to break the fall, snapping your wrist like a twig. Unlike skiers, boarders cannot step out a leg to stabilize themselves.

Boarders are twice as likely to sustain a fracture compared to skiers. Due to the fact that snowboarding boots are soft-shelled, snowboarders sustain twice as many ankle and foot injuries as skiers.

The more soft that your snowboard boots are and the more loose your binding settings, the greater is the risk of injuring a foot or ankle; this often results in a sprain, fracture or break. The firmer your boots and the tighter the binding settings, the greater is the risk of injuring a knee; this often results in ligament damage or ruptures. Pretty big lose-lose situation, eh?

Have you ever seen skiers glide past effortlessly, pushing with their poles? To get just about anywhere on a snowboard, the rider must stop and undo a binding!

In lift lines, or while trying to get to the chalet, skiers can either angle their skis and push outwards or push with their poles. The snowboarder , on the other hand, every time they want to go somewhere, they must undo their binding and hobble around, pushing with one leg, looking like they broke it!

Now, you may say that other than being useful for propelling the skier, the poles are pointless and silly looking. In reality, poles are great! I can’t count the number of times that I have used them to save myself from falling or to regain my balance. And, for all you girls out there, you can get pink poles!

Falling off a lift, injuries and propulsion are 3 of many reasons why skiing trumps snowboarding. Honestly, after reading this, why would you ever want to be a snowboarder?

10 things to do with 1 single sock

1. A muzzle for a dog

2. A place to store coins/money

3. A protector for your phone or iPod

4. A blindfold for sleeping (with some modification)

5. Storage container

6. Very often only 1 sock gets a hole in it, so keep it around for a spare (then you have a pair again!)

7. Put it around a pop can, then you have a grip, or an insulator

8. If you had a clear pocket, and you wanted to make it opaque, line the pocket with you sock

9. a sleeping bag for a small animal

10. smoke signal (i think cotton makes lots of smoke)

Who am I?

Challenge 1 -If you could meet 5 people, alive or dead, who would they be? Make a list of the people and include one question you would ask them in an interview.

1. Phil Casabon- What inspires you to have such insane style?

2. Charlie Grinnel- What is your brand of choice? Canon or Nikon?

3. Michael Phelps- What were your times at 14?

4. Pete Alport- How did you create such a successful production company? How did you start out?

5. The creators of the internet- Did you ever envision the internet expanding into this?.


Mary Spencer

Mary Spencer,  multiple Time Canadian Champion and  World Champion, 1 Time World Bronze Medalist and many Time Pan-American Champion and Olympic level boxer came to visit us at school. Her visit reflected upon her successes at multiple elite levels of boxing competitions, her back story and her training. Myself, as a swimmer found that her story was inspiring, it also brought my training and goals into perspective. Also, I thought that a lot of people were able to realize that their goals are achievable. For more information on Mary please visit her website: www.maryspencer.ca or you can visit her at the Stamp Out Hunger food drive in Orillia this Saturday, December 8.

My Favourite Food

My favourite food is sushi. My reasons behind this are

  • I enjoy the texture- the mix of crunchy and soft
  • I really enjoy fish and I like how perfect the fish looks itself
  • It looks perfect, when you see the picture of it in the menu thats how it looks when you get it.

Go see for yourself, I’m sure you will find a few more reasons.